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To End the Relationship?

The end of a relationship is a difficult thing to take. While the break up is hard on the person that is on the receiving end of a break up, there is a certain amount of pain and discomfort for the person breaking up the relationship. If you are in a place that is frustrating and you feel that things are just not right between you and your significant other, you may see a split as the only option. However, a break up is a very big and very permanent decision to make regarding a relationship. There are several things that need to be thought about and considered before taking such an important action as breaking off a relationship, especially if it has been a longer relationship. The three phases of the relationship you need to consider before making your final decision are the past, present, and future

The very first thing to consider, and perhaps the most obvious is the past history of the relationship you are in. For example, what types of things have already happened in the past that would cause you to think about breaking up the relationship. If infidelity is a factor, you must decide whether you are so hurt that you must end the relationship. If it is just an incompatibility that you have with your significant other, you may wish to think about the significance of the disagreement. If the disagreement or disagreements are trivial, you may want to forego the break up because it may not be worth breaking up over. While a person can change from past behaviors, the reality is that you must take into consideration a person’s past actions because it could be a way to gauge the future.

The second thing you must consider is the present. After thinking about the past history of your relationship, think about where your relationship is right now. Have you discussed the problems you have been having with your partner? Is there any visible change in his or her behavior? Have you ever attempted to find out if your partner is cheating?  If you tell your partner that you are rethinking the relationship, usually, compromises are a great way to try to keep a relationship together. Is he or she willing to compromise? Once he or she has agreed to compromise, are they dedicated to changing and making those compromises work? Look at what is happening in your relationship right now because this can be an indicator of how he or she will act in the future, another very important time to consider in a relationship.

The future is what makes or breaks whether or not you decide to end your current relationship. The past can be forgiven, the present can be changed, but the future is where you are looking to see where this relationship is going. If you have looked at the past and present and made the observations that the behavior or situation is unacceptable and you’ve looked at the present that has shown you that nothing has changed or will likely change, you may consider that the future does not look good for your current relationship.

Sometimes, moving on from a relationship is the best thing to do for both parties. However analyzing the past history, present, and future of a relationship is essential to make the right decision. Also deciding whether the differences or issues are important enough to end the relationship over is necessary to making the right decision.

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