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Team building events

Many organisations at the moment are feeling the negative effects of an economy in recession within their workforce; there may be a sense of worry, or panic, if the company is struggling to make money, or depression if there have been countless waves of redundancies, benefit and training reductions, or other necessary cost cutting exercises that have had an effect on the morale within the company.


So the organisation has done all it can to weather the financial storm; and what it needs now is an injection of enthusiasm, drive and above all positivity, otherwise the business is not going to continue to survive in the face of the recession, and more negative activities will become inevitable. So what are companies doing to boost morale, encourage the kind of team spirit that drove the company before the credit crunch struck, and increase their chances of survival through improving the behaviours of their staff?


One option is a company event; such as a day out or even an overnight event. This might sound like a strange idea given the need for most companies to cut costs at the moment; but it needn’t be an expensive activity to plan. There are loads of free and low cost activities to do across the country, and there may be untapped creativity within the company that can be channelled into a really positive event.


In a previous role of mine, one of the major activities for me each year was to plan and implement a two day team building event for all staff, and the budget was always very tight. Staff would always request activities such as rock climbing or canoeing, but the budget just didn’t stretch to that, and I also felt that these were not the sort of activities that would encourage team and employee interaction.


Activities in the trips ranged from working in teams to create a live advertisement for one of the company’s services (for some reason most teams went down the superhero route – you wouldn’t think there would be so many men willing to wear knickers over tights and a makeshift cape!), to complex puzzles in which the only way to solve the mystery was for each team member to take a section each and then really work together and listen to each other to get to the answer.


The accommodation was really cheap and we even had a function band for evening entertainment that was made up of a group of employees.


Other cheap activities could include orienteering if you have a lot of employees that like the outdoors (there are lots of ready-made courses in national parks or country parks) or something more creative if you have more arty types; such as re-creating a famous piece of art with a varied range of materials. The old saying of ‘thinking outside the box’ was never more appropriate than for this kind of activity.


There’s so much scope for a morale-boosting event for staff, maybe with the presence of a motivational speaker, like Richard Jadick for example; and even if it doesn’t cost a lot it shows the organisation that whilst times are tough, and finances are tight, the need for a strong team of people that work well together and are enthusiastic about what they do is still really important within the business.


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