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Party Ideas – How to Host Great Cocktail Parties

Simple Tips on Making Cocktails, Frosting Glass Rims & Finger Foods

Cocktail parties are simple with the organization & the right equipment. These tips for making cocktails, frosting rims of glasses and buffet finger foods give great parties.

Holding a cocktail party is not only a fantastic way to entertain groups of friends, family or business acquaintances but it is also a versatile social occasion. Cocktail parties can be held at any time of day from mid or late morning to afternoon, before dinner, or, indeed, at any time in the evening. It has to be said, therefore, that hosting a cocktail party can be social drinking at its finest.

Simple Organisation & Tips for a Great Cocktail Party

For guests, part of the fun of a successful cocktail party is watching a drink being made; however, for the sole host, this can be a little time-consuming. Unless a number of professional bartenders have been hired for the occasion, it is sometimes easier to limit the types of cocktails being served.

An ideal accompaniment to any cocktail party is to provide a number of punch type drinks as well, such as large bowls of Sangria or Champagne Punch. This way guests can help themselves to drinks or wait for handmade cocktails.

Equipment for Making Cocktails

Ideally at least one cocktail shaker will be needed as fruit juices and cordials mix far better with spirits when shaken. The cocktail shaker also strains the drink as it is poured into the glass.

Drinks measures for cocktails are also useful to ensure the correct proportions for drinks, however standard measuring jugs can be used.

Crushed ice is a vital ingredient of most cocktails, and this is easily prepared beforehand by crushing ice cubes in a blender or putting ice into plastic bags and hammering with a rolling pin.

Consider also fruits and embellishments for the cocktails: paper cocktail umbrellas, slices of exotic pineapple, even slices of lemon, lime and orange will enhance the appearance of each drink significantly.

Frosting the Rim of a Glass for Professional Cocktails

Cocktails have a professional appearance when served in a frosted glass. Frosting the rim of the glasses is not difficult. Initially, dip glass rims into iced water or lemon juice and then into caster sugar, and turn the glass to give an even coat of sugar.

Buffet Foods and Snacks

Finger foods are ideal snacks for the buffet for a successful cocktail party and should all be bite-sized. As guests will probably be standing, they will be more comfortable if they can take foods from the serving platters and eat them in one bite.

Choose a variety of foods with different appearance, color, flavor, and texture and ensure that dishes can be prepared in advance.

Canapes are ideal foods for cocktail parties, although it’s necessary to give thought to toppings. Moist toppings will make the canape base soggy if prepared too early.

Bowls of peanuts, cashews, salted almonds, olives, and other pickles are a great staple snack for parties which can be left anywhere in the room for guests to help themselves. Pistachios are a little more problematic as they can be messy.

Cocktail sausages are another staple party snack which can be served hot or cold, speared on cocktail sticks.

Colorful vegetables are also fantastic finger foods. Celery, cucumber, and carrots can be cut into small sticks and served with different dips, whilst lightly fried mushroom caps and tomato halves are fantastic with tasty fillings.

Organizing a Successful Cocktail Party

Organizing a successful cocktail party is really not difficult, following some of these tips. Furthermore, as cocktails are acceptable drinks at almost any time of day, cocktail parties are a truly versatile way to celebrate any occasion.


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