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Moving Your Computer

Before moving your personal computer, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following steps are taken prior to moving your computer, your system will arrive safely at your destination.

  1. The computer and associated components (e.g. monitor, printer, scanner, etc.) must be properly prepared to be packed by the customer or a qualified moving services provider. The preparation includes servicing the hard and disk drives, disconnecting all cables and power cords, and removing all toner and ink cartridges.
  2. The customer must back up all software and data files on diskettes, which should then be transported by the customer.
  3. Note and pre-existing damage on a Packing Exceptions Form. Be sure to record the make and model numbers of all components on the inventory.
  4. If possible, use the computer’s original carton and packing materials. Cover all components with plastic bags before re-packaging.
  5. If the original carton and materials are unavailable, use an appropriately sized carton. Place crumpled unprinted newsprint in the bottom as a cushion and place the “bagged” computer on top of the layer. Surround the sides and top with additional cushioning material and if there is room, place other “bagged” components in the same carton.
  6. Add crumpled unprinted newsprint on top of the items, close the flaps, and tape securely.
  7. Using a permanent marker, write the customer’s name, reference number, room, and contents on the carton.


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