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Lanyards : Great Possibilities

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of laying something important down and forgetting to pick it up again, or worse yet, having someone else walk off with it, you may be a perfect candidate to purchase lanyards for both your home and office. Taken from the ancient sailing world, today’s lanyards are approximately 3 feet of cord, nylon, tubing, plastic, or a host of other materials, folded over and sewn end to end, with a hook, whistle, clip, split ring, or ID holder attached. The list of possible uses for custom lanyards goes on and on, but here are just a few suggestions.

Promoting your business is less expensive when you purchase lanyards customized with your company name, logo, and contact information. Handing these out to visitors, potential customers, and anyone else who will take one is an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your service. Trade shows and other large events are also great opportunities to send your name home with hundreds or thousands of interested people.

Lanyards also work well as ID carriers for conferences and conventions. Most people prefer the ease of wearing a lanyard to pinning or sticking on a name tag. Simply collect them at the end of your meetings and recycle for even more savings.

Schools love the lanyard for many reasons. Having your whistle so handy is perfect for emergency blasts or giving directions. Lanyards are also used for hall passes and identification purposes. Most coaches wouldn’t be caught outside without their whistle dangling safely from that important cord around their neck.

At home and for recreation, lanyards are almost indispensable. Use them to protect your keys, your small gadgets, important information. Specialty lanyards are perfect for boat keys, keeping them afloat should they accidentally be dropped into the water. Isn’t your compass also safer attached to a rope or cord around your neck than sitting loosely in your pocket?

By searching online, you can find companies that produce a customized lanyard for your every business need or plain ones for everyday tasks. You can even find eco-friendly varieties for your “green” side. Whatever the purpose, lanyards can save you time and frustration as well as build your business. How’s that for a piece of “string around your neck.”

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